Kontrola paliwa i monitoring pojazdów, rozliczanie zużycia paliwa - System CarFox
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Patent for economizing

CarFox has its patent for economizing – a precise method of measuring fuel and an unfailing fuel probe, both protected by patent no. 190998 granted by the Polish Patent Office.

Thanks to them CarFox is extremely accurate and easy to use.

When you choose it as the guardian of your business, you always know:

licznikhow much fuel each of your vehicles uses,

where it is located,mapka

narz�dziahow it is exploited,

– all of which leads to


financial benefits!

CarFox system is a precise tool for controlling the use of fuel in road and railroad vehicles and in heavy equipment. CarFox has a lot to offer your company: vehicles monitoring, fuel calculations, GPS tracking of vehicles, fuel control, effective fleet management. We own a patent for measuring fuel in dynamic conditions, by means of a fuel probe. Our measuring devices are constructed on the basis of flow meters, fuel measuring devices designed by reputed companies. Lower fuel usage will significantly contribute to you saving money!